Healing With Red


Kevin Dooley

Meaning Of Red

Red is a colour of power and determination. As a primary colour, it is one of the three main colour sources on the colour healing wheel. Red is known as a ‘warm’ colour, being a colour that stimulates and warms up the physical, intellectual and spiritual self. Red awakens your inner spirit, gifting you with strength, courage and passion. Continue Reading

Healing With Blue


Tony Hisgett

Meaning Of Blue

Blue is a colour that calms and strengthens. Known as a ‘cool’ colour, Blue relaxes, and soothes. Blue is a colour that awakens the intuition and eases the upsets of the emotional spirit. Blue is also a colour of creative expression, and can be used as a source of inspiration and connecting to artistic talents. Continue Reading

0 – The Fool


Wildwood Tarot – created by Mark Ryan, John Matthews and Will Worthington – published by Sterling

Beginning the tarot journey, is the exuberant energy of The Fool - that part in all of us that dares to dream. Exciting and unpredictable, The Fool signals a time that is enthusiastic, erratic, energetic and unexpected. Once you receive The Fool, you know that change is underway, and that whilst one life door may be closing, that another new and exciting life experience is about to begin. The Fool is symbolic with the seed of creation, and is that initial spark of belief that you have the ability to achieve an idea. Continue Reading

Calling On The Angels


With a name meaning ‘messenger’, archangels and angels are our divine link of communication to the energy of the Universal Source. As the Universal energy is beyond our scope of understanding, archangels and angels are our intermediary guides and guardians. Calling on your angels is an easy thing to do, yet, it is also a task that is easily pushed to the side in the hustle and bustle of daily living. Calling on your angels is important spiritual practice, as they won’t interfere with free will, except for unique circumstances, such as miracles, or divine intervention. People often hesitate about calling on the angels for guidance and support, as they can believe that their problem is not worthy of angelic assistance, and that they will take the angel energy away from someone, or somewhere more needy. This is not the the case as archangels and angels are supernatural beings, that are multidimensional and can be wherever help is needed. Besides, as everyone has one or even two guardian angels with them always, you are always surrounded by the love and protection of the Creator. Continue Reading

2 – The High Priestess


Tarot Illuminati – Erik C. Dunne – published by Lo Scarabeo

One of the more mystical influences in the tarot, The High Priestess highlights the strength of connection experienced between the great Spirit Mother and ourselves. Where The Fool rushes, and The Magician calculates, both pushing forward from an instinctive level, when The High Priestess appears, an energy of calm descends. With The High Priestess, there is encouragement to slow down, think carefully, and to allow time for connection with the intuitive messages being offered by your guides. The High Priestess calls for patience and humility, asking that there be acceptance of powers, and outcomes, that are greater than immediate desires. Continue Reading

1 – The Magician


Cats Eye Tarot – Debra M. Given – published by US Games

The Magician has the potential to be one of the more exciting influences in tarot, as it holds the promise of success, fulfillment and personal empowerment. When The Magician appears in a reading, you will be connecting with the best of your talents and abilities, in order to create and encourage positive life progression. Taking action and pushing forward are the key goals of The Magician, which appears when you are to approach present or future circumstances with confidence, cunning and determination. Where The Fool was prepared to simply rush forward and take a blind leap in a new direction, The Magician intends on taking major steps forward that still rely on instinct, but are much more calculated and planned. Continue Reading